From the Leader of Nocturnity


“What began as hope became a prison. The government intervened; it secretly controlled every aspect of the people’s lives: education and career placement, family options, and health care. The citizens of City-State abandoned their senses to whim, fancy, and mindless entertainment. Life and death is controlled by bureaucracies, not the people.  We attempted to redeem it, but in the end, there was nothing worth saving.”

- Zohar, leader of the Illegals

A Little Like, Please?


Continuing the effort to share the “like”…

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Watch out Crystal Coast Con! StarChild is coming in 2015!


I attended my very first ComicCon the other day – The Crystal Coast Con.  I had a wonderful time!

And without further ado, here are my top five exhilarating moments:

1. Santiago Cirilo (pictured below) is incredibly enthusiastic and awesome!  He spoke kindly to everyone and made the crowd smile!  And that’s me… I wish I could rock a fedora like this guy!


2. I made a couple of new author friends!  Dave Attwell’s book, Rotting Frontier, is available on Amazon.  Additionally, Chrissy Lessey’s book, The Coven, is out!  Please give these two a moment of your time.  They are great people – and talented authors!

3. Look, I paid $20 to walk through the doors of the venue!  Can I please get a break?  Don’t charge me for frivolous indecencies like taking a picture in front of The Mystery Machine!  But… I will say that some of these donations and charges benefit the community.

4.  I NEED a storm trooper get up!  This guy was also fun to follow around…


5. You bet your ass City-State and StarChild will be at this Con next year!  And now, it’s time to get to work! #NaNoWriMo

All in all, Crystal Coast Con was very interesting, and it was enjoyable.  Off to the next Con!

Standard Procedure


What would happen if the people of a nation decided they didn’t care about their government?

What if instant gratification and mindless forms of recreation were more important?

What if the government was all too ready to provide raunchy amusement, recreational drugs, and a steady stream of reasons to ignore it?

Imagine this: you woke up one day, and you had to get your employment approved by the government.  You had to get your unborn baby approved by the government.  You got too old or too sick, and your government had the ability to dispose of you.

Could you fight the system?

What if you were not allowed to make new things, think new thoughts, or truly excel to the limits of your abilities because some government entity believes that you are a threat to society?

What if every important decision in your life was made by the government: where you live, where you work, how many children you can have, where you get your news – and in exchange, you had millions of choices in meaningless, mind-numbing entertainment.

Welcome to City-State.

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Drafting is Grand…


Why is this so difficult?

When is all the stuff in our heads going to flow effortlessly on the pages?


James and I are currently working on two projects regarding our dystopian world of City-State: an anthology and a trilogy.  Everything connects to one another, so the drafting process is not only imperative, it is VITAL to our literature.

The other week, James said, “Hey, we are going to rewrite the entire first book from one character’s perspective” (the previous version of the novel jumped vivaciously from character to character – and I thought it was pretty cool).

But he is right.

I responded, “Really?  Rewrite the entire book?”

“Yes, we have to.  The novel is a mess.”

I agreed.

And so begins the writing process from another starting point.  But this starting point is the right one.

The Descent to Layer Six

Dirty slums, dilapidated buildings, and seedy characters live below the surface of Layer Seven…


City-State: Our “Sketchy” Vision…

A rough sketch of the dystopian nation of City-State! What do you think?