The Progression of City-State


Hello! It’s been a great week for the nation of City-State and StarChild!

James and I have two projects in the works. The first is The City-State Anthology which is a collection of short stories that focus on different residents of the dystopian nation entitled City-State. These stories highlight the various hardships that burden the people of this futuristic nation.

The other work in progress is the trilogy entitled StarChild. James and I are currently writing Book One of the trilogy. The story of StarChild takes place within the nation of City-State. To be clear, everything takes place in the nation of City-State.

Some of the characters in the anthology will appear in the novel set. Some characters who are featured in the anthology will not appear in the trilogy. All in all, James and I hope you love (and hate) these characters as much as we do. In a dystopian world, many events (positive and negative) can become a reality, and we hope to bring a distinct reality to our characters that effect readers emotionally.

We are truly excited about both of these projects. James and I hope to publish and market the anthology early next year, and Book One of The StarChild Trilogy will soon follow.

Throughout this blog, James and I will highlight the various personas of City-State. We will also feature different plot elements, the nation’s array of technical gadgets and technical equipment, and some of the government’s cruel procedures that lead many residents to flee to the safe haven of Nocturnity.

As you see at the top of this webpage, there is a short story from the anthology entitled “The Novice”, and there is also a chapter from Book One of StarChild. Enjoy! And please, feel free to comment! James and I love feedback (positive or negative).

Again, thanks for following our blog… There is more to come from City-State!

One last note – James and I will need beta readers for the anthology sometime next month. We LOVE feedback, and if you enjoy dystopian literature, please let us know if you would like to be a beta reader.

Kaisy and James

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