Character Spotlight : Guillotina


Guillotina pic

Greetings from the dystopian nation of City-State! This week’s brief post highlights the fierce, ballsy persona of Guillotina.

Guillotina will be featured in the up coming anthology: The Dystopian Nation of City-State: Origin, Corruption, and Rebellion.  Furthermore, she might be a minor character in the StarChild novel set (her whereabouts and purpose are still under construction within the trilogy – ah, the rough draft process!). 🙂

Tina’s upbringing and adolescence were rough and disheartening; her mother’s life was destroyed by nanomachines. In turn, Tina was effected by the nanomachines, giving her supernatural powers.

Her remarkable talent to retrieve other people’s feelings and memories, her ability to heal from deadly wounds quickly, and her ability to morph her right arm into a sharp sword will entice and entertain readers.

Guillotina is a vicious fighting machine with long, straight jet black hair, and a trim, fit physique. Her hot temper leads to a few rash decisions. Plus, she has an agenda…

…just look for the woman with long, straight jet black hair.

More to come from City-State…

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