City-State: Our “Sketchy” Vision…

A rough sketch of the dystopian nation of City-State! What do you think?


8 thoughts on “City-State: Our “Sketchy” Vision…

  1. I’d move the power district closer to the industrial sector, but would like to see the other seven layers first. Are all layers integrated, or are some specialized, like a military/prison layer?


    1. Great comment! I am sure these sections will be shifted later. 🙂

      Residents also live on the the next layer below – Layer Six. Hopefully, James will sketch out a rough layout of Layer Six for next week’s blog post 😉

      City-State is set in the year 3211. Layers One through Five WERE inhabited, but as political leadership changed, additional layers were built on top of one another. Our first publication, the anthology, will answer these questions. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. I think it’s great! I’ve found maps and diagrams helpful in writing fantasy. World building is huge and this process helps keep it straight.
    May I make a suggestion? I don’t believe you need to say “novice” in your header. Most writers are novice (me included). So I say, step forward and claim your power! You are writers!


    1. Ooooooo… There are many shady political schemes, murders, and seedy dealings that happen beyond the edges… however, there are the good guys who want to save City-State! 🙂 Great comment!


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