Standard Procedure


What would happen if the people of a nation decided they didn’t care about their government?

What if instant gratification and mindless forms of recreation were more important?

What if the government was all too ready to provide raunchy amusement, recreational drugs, and a steady stream of reasons to ignore it?

Imagine this: you woke up one day, and you had to get your employment approved by the government.  You had to get your unborn baby approved by the government.  You got too old or too sick, and your government had the ability to dispose of you.

Could you fight the system?

What if you were not allowed to make new things, think new thoughts, or truly excel to the limits of your abilities because some government entity believes that you are a threat to society?

What if every important decision in your life was made by the government: where you live, where you work, how many children you can have, where you get your news – and in exchange, you had millions of choices in meaningless, mind-numbing entertainment.

Welcome to City-State.

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26 thoughts on “Standard Procedure

  1. If such a system was created, I guess nobody would be allowed to fight it. In today’s times, people who fight the system are called extremists, terrorists.

    I would like to bring your attention to a story I published in an online magazine few months ago. It’s about a confused girl in a dystopian state for whom the government makes all the decision. Below in the link to it.


    1. Yes! My writing partner, James, uses 1984 for a little inspiration. 🙂 Also, news reports today (around the globe) also serve as our muse for City-State.

      Thanks for reading! Have a great day! 🙂


  2. An interesting premise… but, are we so far from that now? My husband and I lost our insurance due to ObamaCare. We had a great program before – very affordable, no deductible, no co-pay. We were left with little options, so we choice to opt out – and BE FINED.
    Welcome to the City State of 2014.


    1. Oh my! ObamaCare… yikes! 😦 My husband and I were in the same situation. I am a public school teacher, and he is a nurse. My insurance for the state changed a bit (including a price hike). My hubby was the unlucky one – he does not take the insurance through his employer (the hospital) because we bought a cheaper plan elsewhere (he rarely goes to the doctor, so we got a “just in case” policy), plus he gets a discount at the hospital for services. When ObamaCare came through, it royally f*cked his plan. It is ridiculous! On the bright side (sarcasm) he receives pediatric dental! Ha ha ha! Okay… real bright side… when his premiums went through the roof and enough of us complained, the costs were lowered (slightly). I am terrified to see insurance in the next five to ten years…

      I agree… welcome to City-State 2014!

      As always, thanks for reading! 🙂


      1. Yup. We don’t even have a major medical plan. What a bunch of hooey.
        Looking forward to reading your book. Ever thought of posting a few chapters on wattpad? It’s a great place to develop some readership.


      2. Actually… James and I are almost done with the anthology. We are hoping to publish it in the next couple months. Maybe a Christmas release!!!

        As for the trilogy (and as you read), we are rewriting the whole first book! 🙂 Wooooo!

        Wattpad? Thanks! Perhaps we can put a couple of chapters from the first book on it sometime soon – if it doesn’t CHANGE again! Ugh! 🙂


      3. Most books on wattpad are pretty unpolished. It might be a good way to hook some readers.
        And, from what I know about my writing, it’ll always be changing. I’m not sure I’ll ever consider my stories DONE!


  3. It would be difficult for the few elites to really take over the masses in such a way. I can understand people’s fear of us becoming a society such as this, but as I’ve heard many times before, if you make people hungry enough they will fight.


    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes… I really like your words, “if you make people hungry enough, they will fight.” James and I are trying to position our works in such a way that the fiction of City-State can provide a great and horrible reality. Hopefully, readers will identify and connect with the characters in a traditional, literary manner and a personal manner. 🙂 Have a great day!


  4. I guess we both know it has already happened. They started “offering RFID chips to implant in infants (only to avoid kidnappers), You don’t need me to ramble on this subject lol.
    Thank you for reading my poetry.



  5. Sadly, that is the current life for people in some countries around the world already. What’s frightening, is that we in America are slowly heading in that same direction.


      1. I’m afraid not. We’ve been on a downward slope for a few years now, and it continues to get worse. I think we just like to play it off like we know what we’re doing, but we don’t.


      2. I agree. And the media definitely don’t help. Lots of things are hidden from the public, and the media does a phenomenal job covering it up and reporting other frivolous stories.

        Thanks for commenting!

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  6. Thanks for your follow! I came by to see your blog. I like the concept for your book particularly that the people seem to be diverted rather than subjugated (1984 themes have been done a lot so diversity is good). Modern media with its mass propaganda elements sure has plenty of folks addicted already so that makes a viable platform (sci fi and fantasy must have some believable elements to be relatable). Good luck with your labors! I’ll follow and see how it goes. Promotion is by far the hardest part it seems.(Had a book finished for a year now.)


    1. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Yes, I love dystopian lit for the pure reason that these events could actually happen, and this is the scary part! In our anthology, there are a variety of themes that we present regarding City-State as a nation. And you are right: promotion is very difficult. We are all little fish in a big, big, big pond! It’s gonna be tricky, and we all have to support each other. 🙂


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