Watch out Crystal Coast Con! StarChild is coming in 2015!


I attended my very first ComicCon the other day – The Crystal Coast Con.  I had a wonderful time!

And without further ado, here are my top five exhilarating moments:

1. Santiago Cirilo (pictured below) is incredibly enthusiastic and awesome!  He spoke kindly to everyone and made the crowd smile!  And that’s me… I wish I could rock a fedora like this guy!


2. I made a couple of new author friends!  Dave Attwell’s book, Rotting Frontier, is available on Amazon.  Additionally, Chrissy Lessey’s book, The Coven, is out!  Please give these two a moment of your time.  They are great people – and talented authors!

3. Look, I paid $20 to walk through the doors of the venue!  Can I please get a break?  Don’t charge me for frivolous indecencies like taking a picture in front of The Mystery Machine!  But… I will say that some of these donations and charges benefit the community.

4.  I NEED a storm trooper get up!  This guy was also fun to follow around…


5. You bet your ass City-State and StarChild will be at this Con next year!  And now, it’s time to get to work! #NaNoWriMo

All in all, Crystal Coast Con was very interesting, and it was enjoyable.  Off to the next Con!

4 thoughts on “Watch out Crystal Coast Con! StarChild is coming in 2015!

  1. Hi kaisywmills!

    I’m writing here because I couldn’t find out how to get in touch with you by e-mail. 😀

    You recently followed my blog ( and I wanted to personally say thank you!

    I would also like to know what got you hooked and what grabbed your attention in my blog? What made you follow it?



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