NonTradNaNo – Going Rogue


It’s National Novel Writing Month, and James and I are mixing it up a bit.  We are taking the nontraditional route for NaNoWriMo.

We have currently completed The City-State Anthology, and we are anxiously awaiting cover art.  This is an exciting event in itself!  And of course, James and I will share the upcoming cover designs.  But as we wait…

We have been working on a trilogy entitled StarChild for a little over two years (the anthology is a precursor to the trilogy).  Therefore, our NaNo hours will be spent writing and editing the first novel in the trilogy entitled StarChild.  Yes, everything occurs within The Nation of City-State.

Most of the prewriting and background work is complete, and James and I are not starting from scratch – hence the “rogue-ish” element to NaNoWriMo.

So yes, we welcome NaNoWriMo – but in a more rebellious nature.

Zohar, the Harbinger of the Illegals, would approve.

36 thoughts on “NonTradNaNo – Going Rogue

  1. Good luck! I’m considering being rebellious and just grabbing all of the Microstories I tweeted during the year and dumping them into a file, just to see what the word count is. It won’t be near novel length, but it would give me a sense of how much work it would take to use them as ideas (which is allowed by NaNoWriMo, to make notes during the pre-November time) and expand them into a collection of short stories.

    Anyway, good luck this month, you rebels!


  2. Good Luck. And Ditto here, but haven’t admitted except to myself. I’ve taken apart 3 past nano novels that were all related and a busily rewriting them into something new if a bit familiar.


  3. I’m not sure whether I am technically a rebel. I am retelling sections of the opening chapters of an existing story from the POV of a secondary character, and expanding it into his story. The retelling involves a lot of rewriting – the original is in the main protagonist’s first person POV, so there’s a lot that’s in the wrong frame of reference and needs to be brought out.
    Either way, I’m having a good time with it, and hope you are with yours.


    1. Wow! That sounds so exciting!

      We are rewriting our novels/trilogy from start to finish, putting the first novel one character’s POV. It’s overwhelming, but it provides room for new ideas.

      Good luck with your task! Can’t wait to read more about it! 🙂


  4. I completely sympathize. I was going to enter the contest, until I thought it would just end up another unfinished writing project! Like yourselves, I am going to take this opportunity to finish some long-suffering projects (from neglect, that is.) Onwards and upwards!


    1. You got it! Yes – we did not enter the contest because we know that our project WILL NOT be finished in a month! It needs waaaaaay more than thirty days, but we still consider ourselves NaNos… every month!

      Have a wonderful day!


  5. Thanks for the follow! I wish you all the luck and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you from one aspiring writer to another writer. 😀


    1. Our NaNo went well! As you read, we were a little non traditional. 🙂 However, we were successful: James and I self-published an anthology (two years in the works), and we completed a new short story! We are now going to self-publish individual shorts on Amazon (these are called serials). We are very excited! Thank you for visiting and commenting! Have a wonderful holiday season!


      1. Traditional or not, you still did it. Congratulations.

        Holidays are starting out well enough, but it’s still early in the season.

        What genre do you write in? Guess I haven’t poked around your site enough to have caught that. If it’s SF/F I will have to see about looking you up.


      2. Will definitely do that. Thanks for the reply.

        I’ve been trying to catch up on some of the more “current” style writing. Hadn’t realized that I’d fallen into the stone ages in my library until I started looking around self publishing sites.

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  6. Would love to know about the co-authoring process sometime, it is a damnable curse solo let alone with two visions. Don’t fret on the Likes issue, it will give you more grief than pleasure and the Like-for-like things tells me nothing about what you think. I stopped worrying along time ago but tne again, if true in spirit, its nice but who really knows, only comments tell the truth


    1. Working with a partner is awesome! And yes, there are times where James and I mildly bicker about ideas, but we compromise and work through it in a friendly manner. I do not think I could write solo – two minds are better than one! I just wish James and I had more time to write. We both have our own families, and we both work full-time jobs. City-State is slowly coming along… the five year plan looks promising! 🙂

      Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day!


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