From Roughs to #lovelovelove


Hello!  It’s going to be a great day!

Pictured above is another ROUGH overview of the surface of The Nation of City-State – also known as Layer Seven.  And hovering to the right is the floating city of Olympus.  The bigger blocked, ziggurat structure with the layered “terraces” is a zoomed in rough of the Capital Building.  As you can see, the Capital sits in the center of Layer Seven, and City-State’s Seven Point Star, the national symbol, will brightly illuminate the surrounding Political District.

There are six additional layers below Layer Seven – Layers One through Four are “somewhat” uninhabited (wink, wink) due to age and neglect.  There are mysterious secrets that lurk within the dirty bowels of Layer Five.  Layer Six houses the mediocre, average citizens of City-State, and the prominent, successful citizens dwell on Layer Seven and Olympus.

James and I are anxiously awaiting our artist to recreate these roughs (see the other rough sketches within this blog).  We are very excited to see her interpretation of City-State!

As for NaNoWriMo, James is working on the first novel in The StarChild Trilogy.  I will begin initial editing and writing on this today.  Furthermore, we are going to slowly start another anthology, and the first piece will be deemed as political horror.  New genre, right?  It is entitled “How to Kill Your Senator” (title still under construction).  And please, don’t forget to vote this week!

Until we meet again…

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