Political Horror – New Narrative, New Genre


James and I are working on a new short: it’s about City-State’s Senate and an evil imp named Jinn.

Jinn is a vile demon who slides into the fragile minds of City-State voters.  Here, he tortures Jackson Cartwright, a member of the Neo-Progressive party.

Jinn’s tangled, twisted, and “muppet-like” appearance is quite scary – much like the City-State government.  Will Jackson have the courage to shake Jinn’s political influence, or will Jinn’s powerful, horrific influence prevail?

Even James and I are a little unsure… we are still editing and writing:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.49.21 AM

Stay tuned… Jackson may survive the next election.

8 thoughts on “Political Horror – New Narrative, New Genre

  1. I like what I’ve seen of this blog. The City-State concept is cool, the collaborative aspect is great, and the prolific ideas are wonderful. But what I like best is that you put up no false fronts of perfection. It’s encouraging for other writers to be able to see the creative process unfold, with all of the joys, hiccups, self-doubts and triumphs that accompany it. Keep up the good work. -J


    1. Thanks for the positive comment! I am an English teacher, and the “back-end” of writing (grammar, language, mechanics) comes extremely easy to me. However, this whole “writing a trilogy” thing is more difficult than we imagined. James and I want to share our pits and our peaks of this anthology and the trilogy. It makes for a great community of writers who support each other and do not feel alone when “that damn book” is driving us crazy! 🙂

      Have a wonderful day! Hope to see you back on our blog. 🙂


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