Say Hello to City-State Artist, Jamie Green

dystopian 1 complete          IMG_0679

James and I want you all to meet Jamie Green!  She creates the cover art for City-State.  She is extremely talented!  Please give her a warm welcome!

She designed the two book covers posted above, and she is currently working on more designs for City-State.

The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology – Origin, Corruption, and Rebellion is available NOW via Kindle and the Kindle app:

A little about Jamie:

Hello!  I am Jamie Green from Florida, and I attend Viera High School. I’m currently 16 (soon to be 17).  I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon with my nubby, little baby hands. Drawing, or rather all art, has been a passion of mine throughout my life.

My goals for the future are to major in game art and hopefully work for a company such as VALVe (or become a pokemon master–whichever happens first). I am most comfortable drawing people, but I try to branch out and challenge myself to draw anything!

I call myself “a nerd with pride”, and my hobbies besides art include cosplaying, gaming, and watching anime.  More of my art can be found on a webcomic called The Interwebs Series:

Please take a moment to view Jamie’s artwork!

27 thoughts on “Say Hello to City-State Artist, Jamie Green

  1. Thanks for visiting my b;og and liking Rats instalment 20. It’s my first book so I found your article very interesting. Glad you connected I’ll be following you from now on


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