Artsy Roughs – The Creation of City-State’s Capitol

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.31.28 PM

City-State’s artist, Jamie Green, is creating a close-up illustration of City-State’s Capitol.  The Capitol is situated in the middle of Layer Seven – the surface of City-State.  Many despicable political decisions take place in the Capitol with Supreme Judge Harkin at its helm.  Meanwhile, President Wilhelm looks on with apathy and a lack of passion.

This is one of the first rough sketches of the Capitol, and James and I are eagerly anticipating the final design!  Jamie is exceptionally talented!

What do you think?

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The hard copy version is coming soon; it is awaiting final approval.

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Have a wonderful day!

12 thoughts on “Artsy Roughs – The Creation of City-State’s Capitol

  1. You’re right, cover art is critical, and a good artist is as vital to your success as a parachute in skydiving.

    Love this particular cover – the eerie image of a ziggurat looming over futuristic structures is intriguing!


  2. hi … what do i think .. ? dangerous
    territory indeed …

    through light and
    darkness lie
    stories of the eternal
    struggle, through pain and
    ultimately freedom

    between Harken and
    wilhelm … i see struggle

    but …

    only between
    evil forces … between
    dark … and darker
    dark …

    evil and worse evil …

    without light there is no
    hope … without pain there is no
    life … without pain there is no
    struggle …

    who (in your
    story) or
    where does light
    and its struggle
    with darkness
    reside …. ?

    and thank you so very much for
    being part of my
    story …. ks


  3. jeeze … were you asking for a

    comment on the design or the

    premis of the

    story … sorry if i overstepped

    my bounds i had fun writing it

    though … i was

    inspired by your efforts … have fun … ks


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