Reviews Needed for Upcoming Release – “How to Kill Your Senator”

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Hello!  James and I are planning to release our first individual short story later this month entitled “How to Kill Your Senator”.  This is the first of many stand alone shorts from the dystopian nation of City-State.  These shorts are loosely connected with our current publication, The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology.

To properly plan for the upcoming release, we would love for a handful of readers to read this short piece, provide a little feedback (like a beta reader), and write a review on Amazon the day James and I let it go live.  Obviously, the review is your honest opinion, and I will provide you with the specific release date and other information.  The Amazon review does not have to be lengthy; it can be 2-3 sentences or a couple paragraphs – given your comfort level with writing reviews.

“How to Kill Your Senator” is a political piece focusing on a young, naive voter.  It is just under 3,000 words, and it contains elements of horror (see previous post for one of the characters).  If you like political debates and government ideas (positive or negative), check out this piece.  James and I tried to make it relatable to current trends (with a little twist).  Hey, this is a dystopian universe – a terrifying view on what the future could hold.

If you would like to help us, please comment below with your email address or message me on Twitter or Facebook.

You will receive the story free of charge, and James and I will provide you with ample time to read and write a review.

Want more short stories?  Pick up a copy of The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology via Amazon for Kindle and the Kindle app for $1.99. This collection of short stories provides an in-depth look at the residents, foundation, and horrid practices of City-State. There are plenty of monsters that antagonize (the somewhat) innocent people of this futuristic nation.

The hard copy version is coming soon; it is awaiting final approval.  The cover and sizing is taking longer than expected.

Follow the link:

Thanks!  Please let us know if you would like to be the first to read and review “How to Kill Your Senator”.

46 thoughts on “Reviews Needed for Upcoming Release – “How to Kill Your Senator”

  1. Hey :). I Beta for fun and am always looking for books to read, short stories and new authors so I’d like to give it a shot. If I’m allowed to preread/review I use an ePub ereader. You can reach me via my blogs (where you can find other book reviews I’ve done) or at

    Anything I write within these forums is EXPRESSLY my property. If you wish to copy or use it else where you MUST have my EXPRESS permission to do so.

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    Feelings are NOT fact!

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    1. Hello!

      Sounds great! Of course I would ask permission to use and/or reblog your review.

      Thank you so much for participating! I will email you with more information in the upcoming week. 🙂


  2. Hello,
    I would be interested in doing a review. I would also post it on my LitWorldInterviews site if that’s okay. Either before or after the book release, that would be up to you.
    My email:
    I hope I am not too late to participate.
    Much Respect


    1. Great! You are definitely not too late!

      And yes, James and I would love it if you published it on your LitWorld site. We would be honored.

      I have added you to my list – I will contact you sometime next week! Thank you so much. James and I appreciate your time.

      🙂 Kaisy


    1. Great! I have you on my list. 🙂 Thank you for your time! I will contact you next week with the information and the story.

      I believe you can purchase the anthology if you live in the UK. Only the Kindle (and Kindle app) version – the e-copy is available now. James is finalizing the hard copy. We reformatted it a couple of times.

      A reader from France bought the anthology as an e-copy, so I am assuming that you can purchase it. Search Amazon – The Dystopian Nation of City-State.

      Did you want the hard copy version or the electronic version?

      Thanks again! 🙂


      1. I would prefer the hard copy wherever possible . But if it has to be Kindle then i will cope with. I will have a search but let me know when the hard copy is available as i have some friends in Florida who might be able to get it for me. Look forward to reading the story. Thanks


      2. Great! I will let you know when the hard copy is ready. This is our first publication, and we have learned so much about the process – the number one thing being PATIENCE! 🙂

        Have a wonderful day!


    1. Hello! Thanks for the response!

      I will email you this week with all of the details and the story itself. Don’t forget that this piece is a short story – around 3,000 words, so it will be a quick read. 🙂

      Congrats on your novel! That’s very exciting!

      To be honest, I do not think I will have time to read your book, and I apologize. I am a full-time teacher, and James also works full-time. We can barely write and read our own stuff right now. Maybe later? Or – – I could take a look at the first chapter…

      Again, thanks for your time – James and I hope you enjoy the narrative! 🙂


      1. Perfect I will look forward to receiving it. I have just retired so have time on my hands, throwing off the yoke of usefulness is remarkably invigorating!
        Also Don’t worry about Unintended Consequences.
        UC Summary – The world is broken, over use of fossil fuels and catastrophic climate change has devastated the planet. China has retreated behind its walls, the USA has reverted to a pre-digital society and central Europe is a war zone. However some are trying restore society. Their story begins here.
        Cheers for now


  3. I’m not sure if I missed the deadline, but I would love to read this story! I’ve been following you guys for so long waiting to read about City-State. My blog is focused on dystopian novels and shorts and this would be perfect! If it’s still open, my email is ambermmorrison4(at)gmail(dot)com.


      1. I did. just commencing an intensive course to teach English, bear with me 😉 will enjoy the challenge soon. John.


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