IT’S HERE! IT’S LIVE! “How to Kill Your Senator” is available through Kindle via Amazon!

jinn cover complete

Need a quick read?  It’s LIVE!  Jinn is here – watching and lurking over naive voters in City-State’s Senate Chamber.  James and I have released a new City-State short story entitled “How to Kill Your Senator” today, Friday, January 16th.

This short story is around 3,000 words, it is available through Amazon via Kindle and the Kindle app, and it priced at $.99.  Kindle Unlimited members read for free.  Follow the link to purchase your copy today: Amazon, search The Dystopian Nation of City-State – “How to Kill Your Senator”.

In this short narrative, Jackson Cartwright encounters a little imp-like creature named Jinn (see the cover art above) after he murders the entire Senate body within City-State’s Capitol.

Jinn tries to explain the source of Jackson’s ignorance regarding politics, but Jinn soon gets the upper hand.

If you need a quick read and you enjoy elements of horror, dystopia, and government, check it out!

James and I want to thank all of those who reviewed this piece!  All of you are wonderful!

Want more short stories? Pick up a copy of The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology via Amazon for Kindle and the Kindle app for $1.99. This collection of short stories provides an in-depth look at the residents, foundation, and horrid practices of City-State. There are plenty of monsters that antagonize (the somewhat) innocent people of this futuristic nation.

The hard copy version of the anthology is coming soon; it is awaiting final approval.  The cover and sizing is taking longer than expected.  Yes, it is STILL under construction.

Follow the link:

And, as always, there is more to come from the cruel nation of City-State!

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