Review: How To Kill Your Senator

Thank you for the review. It’s awesome! Please read and check out this blog! 🙂

“How to Kill Your Senator” is available on Amazon, and I have placed it on Goodreads.

SVM & TB Stories

How To Kill Your Senator

Link to my GoodReads review.

Link to my Amazon Review.

A little background on this since How To Kill Your Senator is not something I would normally read.

The authors of the dystopian world of City-State, James Courtney and Kaisey Wilkerson-Mills,  put out a call for pre-readers. Since I beta and pre-read for the fun of it I grabbed the opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone.

I’m glad I did though because it definitely took me out of my comfort zone and actually made me think!

Enjoy and if dystopian reading is your thing please give them your support over on where you can buy it for 99 cents, including international ‘shipping’ to your Kindle or Kindle app.

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