A Writer’s Time to Reflect – How to “Kill Your Senator” and Get Reader Reviews

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In the intimidating, overwhelming, scary world of self-publishing, obtaining honest, yet critical reviews for potential readers is crucial, right?  Yes, reviews – honest reviews – are vital to marketing your work.

James and I have two publications that are live, and we are constantly learning about the realm of self-publishing (we have full-time jobs, so writing is our part-time gig right now).  And learning about getting reviews is the focus of our new short story, “How to Kill Your Senator”.

For this short narrative (around 3,000 words), I scheduled reviews for the release date, and it worked!  I have had a number of self-published writers ask about getting reviews, and I just say, “Make an ‘all call’ for readers and reviewers.”  Post a blog, Facebook your reader friends, tweet, and use other online platforms.

For our first publication, The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology, James and I were unaware of the importance of reviews (although we have gotten some great ones for this piece – and we hope to keep that ball rolling).  And the lesson learned was… set a release date and schedule reviews before that date (I am sure this is not a foreign concept, but for James and me, it was).

So… that’s what I did.  I called for reviewers for the new short – these readers were complete strangers, and I DID NOT PAY for their service.  This group of people simply wanted to read and review.  I did not charge the reviewers for the story in exchange for an HONEST review on Amazon, Goodreads, blogs, etc. (whatever the platform the reviewer was most comfortable with).  James and I were (are) fully aware that these readers could post a horrible review, but the point is, James and I want to circulate our writings.  And again, we did not prompt any of our reviewers on what to feel, think, or write.  They were (are) free to write what they wish about our new piece.

This worked very well, and I want to graciously thank all of these readers (and all those other betas and reviewers in any genre) for the time taken to read and review our new short story.  More reviews are trickling in, and we love reading the positive and negative comments.  The self-publishing world would not be a glorious, creative place without you.  You all are a GREAT support for us – the indie writers!

If you desire, check out the reviews and our work on Amazon and Goodreads:

The Dystopian Nation of City-State – “How to Kill Your Senator” (short story – about 3,000 words)

A great, quick read for $.99 –


The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology (a collection of short stories that outline and provide the foundation for this dystopian paradise) priced at $1.99 –


James and I hope this little piece of advice helps! 🙂

16 thoughts on “A Writer’s Time to Reflect – How to “Kill Your Senator” and Get Reader Reviews

  1. I can confirm there was no payment and we don’t know each other at all! (In fact i’m in another country) I just think it’s good to constructively support other writers who are working in a genuine way with proper integrity. The short story is very distinctive, by the way… I don’t think there is much on the market that is similar- definitely not just another derivative Dystopian read!

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  2. I think this is absolutely perfect, I find the content from indie writers tend to be so genuine and happily unique, this seems wonderful, excellent advice on reaching your audience too. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for checking out my work too, certainly appreciate it.


    1. Julie,

      Thanks for visiting out blog! James and I want to learn a little each time, so we have decided to publish individual short stories to keep the process fresh. Our first publication, the anthology, is still under construction regarding the hard copy (ugh)… this should be out shortly.

      Anyway, getting reviews was the focus here, and proper planning is the key! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the really helpful how-tos about drumming up reviewers! I’m not much of a self-publisher myself: one of the main things that has made me cautious about that route is the amount of time the writer has to spend self-marketing. But this post has really given me a new perspective on the self-publishing process. I may well try it!


    1. Your welcome! The marketing portion is tiresome! But… with time, everything will fall into place. TIME being the most important word here. 🙂 Thanks for visiting! Have a wonderful day!


  4. Hi, Kaisy. Thanks for following The Write Edge! I hope it edifies and enhances your day. I’m so encouraged to find out that you and James are also indie authors, and I hope we can help each other through this amazing opportunity. Have a great day!


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