Need a Quick Read? BUY THIS! AND… Support Indie Authors!

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Don’t have time to read a full-length novel or book right now?  Short stories are the new trend!  The Dystopian Nation of City-State has a plethora of shorts to capture your attention and keep you moving through your busy day!

Check out the reviews and our work on Amazon and Goodreads.  They are written by complete strangers during the writing, editing and publishing process:

The Dystopian Nation of City-State – “How to Kill Your Senator” (short story – about 3,000 words)

A great, quick read for $.99 –

The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology (a collection of short stories that outline and provide the foundation for this dystopian paradise) priced at $1.99 –

*The hard copy of the anthology is coming soon… oh, the joys of Create Space!  Stay tuned for that blog post.

19 thoughts on “Need a Quick Read? BUY THIS! AND… Support Indie Authors!

  1. *sigh* I could have sworn I saw Senator on If I did it’s not there now 😦 I would love to read the anthology but unless there’s no DRM Kindle doesn’t work for me since I can’t convert it with a DRM

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    1. Hello! You can download the Kindle app and read the anthology – that’s how we do it! My hubby and I do not have a Kindle – we have an iPad. The Kindle app works great! PLUS – – the hard copy will be ready soon! We are having a little drama with Create Space… 🙂


      1. Okay, good. So you have access to it? I just want to be sure I set up everything correctly. 🙂 This self-publishing world and process is a little daunting.

        If you do purchase and read the stories, please let James and I know what you think. We love feedback. 🙂


      2. Actually you just reminded me I wanted to start doing reviews on indie books. Can’t promise anything soon though. Proper reviews are time/energy consuming and I have a bad habit of giving myself too much work. I think you had the setting right. I have had the problem a few times where a link takes me to but as my kindle is registered to it tells me the book is not available in my region. Amazon could remedy that soo easily.


      3. That’s a relief… I double checked all of my settings! 😊 James and I would be honored if you read and reviewed our works, and we understand that you are busy. If you want to start with something short (or need a break from your other books/novels), “How to Kill Your Senator” is about 3,000 words. But, in any regard, thanks for considering us. We are very new to the process, so any type of feedback is wonderful! Thanks again for visiting City-State’s blog 😃


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