Shitty First Drafts – Shitty First Titles


The shitty first draft – the foundation of the story.  The bare bones.  There is something beautiful within those ten poorly written, jumbled, barely legible pages.

I have mastered the shitty first draft.  Now, it’s the title – this one drove me insane.

James and I have bickered endlessly over a title for our new short story (as shown in the picture above).  Generating this title has been exhausting and frustrating, but I think we have come to a decision:

“Television’s Prescription for Ratings”

Ah!  There it is.  Constructing this title was more difficult than writing the actual short story.

Stay tuned – Dr. Tyler Wright and his “death committee” are coming soon…

18 thoughts on “Shitty First Drafts – Shitty First Titles

  1. When you write something I think that the title is actually the hardest bit… Well, the title, and the first sentence seem to be the hardest bit.


  2. Hi y’all, first, thank you for the follow, and second, why would you follow me, when you’re so accomplished? A a leader, since you followed, I have no choice but to follow you as well. I’ve been most of the way through your site, and I am impressed w/ you….


  3. Well done, good people~!

    After discovering that no-one liked what I wrote (other than me—does that count?) I tried self-publishing and promptly ran afoul of the US IRD. In brief, I don’t want to fund any part of Uncle Sam—so I tried publishing for free. Easy enough with Apple they tell me, but being technophobic I fell out of the tree there too.

    In the end I made a couple of books available free as PDFs with WordPress … no idea if anyone’s ever looked into them (I suspect not) but at least I feel better for it.

    So you have my utmost admiration and respect. Now don’t just sit there basking in the glory … go get’em, Tigers!


    1. Hello! Thanks for the comment! James and I are really trying to stand out in a healthy crowd of ebooks and self-published authors. It is really difficult – maybe more difficult than writing our novels and short stories. 🙂

      James and I hope you visit our blog again – we plan on staying around for a while!

      What books did you publish? 🙂


      1. Publish? Other than a few children’s books many years ago, just recently I put a couple of my whimsical ones into PDF form and shoved ’em up as ‘pages’ on my websites.

        The one labelled ‘Free Book’ (catchy title?) (yuk) is a blatant hidden message intended to amuse, ‘Wanda’ is likewise.

        I think I take too many liberties … 🙂


  4. Save them. Sometimes I hear something and think it would make a great title. Maybe a story will follow, maybe not. At lease I don’t have to go through the anguish you seem to have had.


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