Guillotina’s Short Visit?


James and I are almost finished with the first part of a two part short story series entitled “Prescription for Ratings”.  While we are in the final stages of the first short, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”, and we (obviously) are working on the second piece, “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”.  This second piece features (more of) Tyler Wright, a young trauma physician who is thrown into City-State’s infamous Death Committee.

And what to do with Dr. Tyler Wright?  Well, while brainstorming, he may receive a visit from Guillotina – the supernatural woman with the long, straight jet black hair.

Hmmmm… only time will tell…

8 thoughts on “Guillotina’s Short Visit?

  1. The title ‘Prescription for Ratings’ makes me think of the movie ‘Network’, haha.

    I wish I had found the anthology sooner; reading it right now and it’s quite intriguing. Maybe for the convenience of future readers, maybe have a link (or something) to it in the footer of your blog posts?

    Best of wishes!


    1. Thank you so much! James and I hope you like it! Please remember that the anthology is not a novel – a lot of readers (despite the word “anthology” in the title) believe that it is a novel. It’s a bunch of short stories that provide the foundation of City-State. Have a wonderful day, and thanks again! 🙂

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