Reviews Needed for Upcoming Release: “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”


Hello! James and I are planning to release another individual short story later this month entitled “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.  This is the second of many stand alone shorts from the dystopian nation of City-State, and “Contestants” is the first in a series of two shorts that outline the nation’s entertainment system. These shorts are loosely connected with our current publication, The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology, and our first short story, “How to Kill Your Senator”.

To properly plan for the upcoming release, we would love for a handful of readers to read this short piece, provide a little feedback (like a beta reader), and write a review on Amazon the day James and I let it go live. Obviously, the review is your honest opinion, and I will provide you with the specific release date and other information. The Amazon review does not have to be lengthy; it can be 2-3 sentences or a couple paragraphs – given your comfort level with writing reviews.

“Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” faintly focuses on a young doctor who is assigned to the government’s “death committee”.  This committee controls some of the nation’s gruesome television shows.  However, the primary plot centers on the contestants, their personal stories, and the reality show itself.  The next short story (this piece’s continuation) will target the committee members, mainly the young doctor.

This short story is around 6,500 words (please remember, this is not a full length novel), and it contains elements of death and violence.  It is based around a reality show where the contestants fight to the death.  James and I tried to make it relatable to current trends (with a little twist – in this case, the obsession with reality television). Hey, this is a dystopian universe – a terrifying view on what the future could hold.

If you would like to help us, please comment below with your email address or message me on Twitter or Facebook.

You will receive the story free of charge, and James and I will provide you with ample time to read and write a review.

Want more short stories? Pick up a copy of The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology via Amazon for Kindle and the Kindle app for $1.99. This collection of short stories provides an in-depth look at the residents, foundation, and horrid practices of City-State.  Our first stand alone short story, “How to Kill Your Senator” is also available on Amazon for $.99.  There are plenty of monsters that antagonize (the somewhat) innocent people of this futuristic nation.

Thanks!  Please let us know if you would like to be the first to read and review “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.

26 thoughts on “Reviews Needed for Upcoming Release: “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”

  1. I’m in, as you know 🙂

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    1. Hello! Thanks for the comment. Would it be okay if I place you on my email list for future beta reads and reviews? This way, I keep a running list and I do not forget you! 🙂


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