Part II, Part II, Part II, Part II, Part II


Hello!  Greetings from the treacherous land of editing – the land of frustration, chaos, and repetitive language.

James and I are working on our short story entitled “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”.  This is the somewhat sequel to our latest short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” (available on Amazon).

While I was editing, I wanted to repeat some information from “Contestants” as a bridge/connector to “Committee”.  I seem repetitive.  I sound repetitive.  I feel repetitive.  Well, I have read this piece a thousand times.  Now that’s repetitive.

But – – – It’s really not that significant.  I don’t think readers will go back to “Contestants” and take time to pick out the repetitive parts of this first piece.  “Committee” is moving into a complex, horrific plot that outlines the sick wonderland of City-State’s entertainment programming controlled by the government.



And repeated… and reblogged…

20 thoughts on “Part II, Part II, Part II, Part II, Part II

  1. I edit/beta for a hobby, as you know, and I can tell you from experience that repetitiveness can make or break a story.
    I have one lady I beta for that drives me bonkers because she changes so many things, so many times that I can hardly stomach reading some of it any more…Fortunately we’ve discussed it and she’s now working on a semi-final draft.
    Words repeating when a synonym would work just as well…yeah, I suggest to those people they invest in a thesaurus or shake hands with
    Repeating things from story to story? I think that depends on HOW it is repeated…are you describing the same scenario/visual effects but from a different point of view? If so then some of the same words would apply but they need to be written from the new POV.
    I’ve read Contestants and I agree, it will be a challenge to give the same story from a different perspective. Then again, it’s not really the same story since this one is about the committee members view rather than the contestants.
    I can suggest you really put yourself in the members shoes though, as you seem to have done in the very first draft I read. Actually seeing the same thing from a totally different perspective changes the reader’s opinions drastically which reflects their own feelings on the word picture they are seeing.
    I was actually just thinking about you guys the other day, wondering when the next ‘chapter’ would be up for review. It seems our karmas are communicating with each other :).


    1. Hello! How are you! 🙂

      I got really frustrated with the repetitive parts, so I inserted extra details and dialogue and passed it off to James. Now it’s his turn to deal with the draft monster! 🙂


  2. Editing is the worst! From that page I can only imagine how much work it is. The gem that comes about will make it all worth it, though.


    1. Yes! You are exactly right! What I hate about editing is that I (just my process) have to read, edit, and put it away for a few days to a week. I am not the type to just churn out a story or a novel. My brain must rest… 🙂

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      1. Yup, yup. And even when you finish editing, you have this nagging feeling that you missed something and want to edit it again, but you KNOW you do not have the strength, most of the time!


  3. I started writing my memoirs, and I can’t get past the second chapter because I keep editing the first two. I did so many rewrites that I could have finish a trilogy by now.


  4. It’s hard, but you want this to be a stand-alone piece and so you do nee to recap things a bit. Even for people who have read the first one, it’s a memory refresher.

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