The Layer Seven Store

Kaisy and I really appreciate your support in all we do. If you’d like to see more of this crazy world we’ve created, pick up a copy of our anthology and our Kindle pieces. You won’t be disappointed, and City-State adventures are very affordable! Thanks, James and Kaisy The Dystopian nation of City-State: An Anthology … More The Layer Seven Store

Follow Your “Dreams” – A Writer’s Dilemma

James and I are working on our latest short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”, and I am stumped. There are dream sequences in the first short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.  “Committee” is the sequel to “Contestants”.  James and I decided to connect the two pieces in another way – adding a dream … More Follow Your “Dreams” – A Writer’s Dilemma

It’s All Coming Together…

Hello!  I will be off and running at two major public outings in October, and I am steadily getting City-State’s act together. I am organizing my “book table”, and I am almost ready to unveil City-State to eastern North Carolina! It’s all happening… stay tuned! #citystate