Pray for Humanity

Eiffle Heart

It is my firm belief that when a person adopts an ideology, they are making a deal with the Devil. Ideology demands that you reject reason – that you eliminate rationality – and don a worldview that is based on the fallible logic of mad hermits. Ideology forces your once expansive access to reality into a laser-sharp tunnel vision of insanity. Everything is good or evil based upon this infinitely inept view of the world.

Ideology is seductive because it allows the adoptee to relinquish his need to think – to silence reason and just check boxes. “Does this agree with the arbitrary and completely irrational ideology that I subjectively decided to adopt? No? Then clearly, it is evil and must be destroyed.”

This is literally how governments turn against their own subjects. This is how people convince themselves that murdering 12 million people in death camps is for the common good. This is how young Muslim men are convinced that strapping a bomb to themselves and murdering hundreds of innocent people is the will of God.

It’s fucking insane.

When I first began writing about City-State and creating this world, this was what I wanted to warn the world against. This kind of thinking – or lack of it – is the most dangerous enemy of humanity. It is Satan himself disguised as an attractive method for not thinking. And what’s worse is that fiction seems less baffling than reality at times. If we can’t figure this out… If we don’t get that accepting one-sided arguments for EVERY question is completely idiotic, then there is no hope for the human race.

All ideologies are correct. They’re also all wrong. They’re correct about the same amount as a broken clock. Twice a day. The other 23 hours and 58 minutes of the day they are dead wrong. Don’t see those two minutes and think that the broken clock will always give you the correct time. Don’t destroy every other clock on earth because they don’t agree with your broken clock.

As Ghandi said: There is no path to peace. Peace IS the path.

And if that doesn’t work for you then try Google’s statement on employee ethics. “Don’t be evil.”

If your system of beliefs requires you to hate, kill, or destroy that which disagrees with it, then you’re probably evil.

Be safe out there.

“He who walks the path of the Supreme Rational, walks the path of life.” – Ishmael the Wanderer

7 thoughts on “Pray for Humanity

  1. The irony is when you can’t criticize ideologies that kill without invoking your own ideologies of peace. Who’s to say that peace really is preferable to murder anyway…

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    1. Killer point. If I was going to write this post today, I would remove the Ghandi quote. An ideology of peace is still an ideology. Ideology is absurd. That’s what I was really railing against.


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