Meet Jeremy Green – City-State’s Medical Prodigy

Jeremy Green Profile

James and I are posting our novel, StarChild, chapter by chapter right here on our blog.

The main character is Jeremy Green, and we thought that you would like to meet him.  He is a handsome young doctor who will change the nation:

Jeremy is a young doctor 19-21 years of age (we are debating his age). He is brilliant, handsome, and humble. He is a registered S-Classer, making him one of the exceptionally talented members of society. He is conscientious, optimistic, and a little naive. He eventually catches on to the oppression and horrific situations in City-State, and he plays a vital role in a possible revolution.

Besides Jeremy’s status as a highly intelligent medical doctor with a concentration in genetics, his special talents include the ability to “read” DNA sequences from raw data and understand what they are “saying” about the person. He is employed at City-State’s National Hospital as an Early Detection Specialist. Jeremy is involved in the attempted (and dangerous) eradication the government’s StarChild Program.

Jeremy is noted as saying, “I can’t stand the constant distractions around me. Why is everyone so interested in the news? It’s pure sensationalism if you ask me.”

You can read Chapter One – The S-Classer HERE.

The second part of our short story series is almost complete!  “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee” will be ready for release within the next month or so.  James and I need reviewers for its release.  If you would like to review this piece, please let me know.

Stay tuned… there’s more to come from City-State.

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