“The Committee” Is Available for Pre-Order!

The Committee Cover FINAL

It’s ready!  Pre-order “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee” HERE.

What happens to Dr. Tyler Wright after the dramatic conclusion of the hit reality show, “The Blade’s Edge”?

What does the woman with the long, straight jet black hair say to Tyler?

This short narrative is .99 cents, and it will be released on January 9th.  Download “The Committee” if you have a extra dollar from your Christmas loot!  Additionally, this piece is also sharable via Kindle Unlimited.

Don’t have a Kindle?  Download the free Kindle app and read, read, read!

Here’s a taste of our Amazon description:

Dr. Tyler Wright faces a moral and ethical dilemma as he is mandated to complete a last-minute decision for the finale of one of City-State’s violent and murderous reality television shows, “The Blade’s Edge: Family Edition”. His participation in the Health and Ethical Entertainment Committee ultimately changes his life and his career as a new physician.

But Tyler’s problems multiply when the show concludes. His father is under constant pressure from government officials, and the mysterious woman with long, straight jet black hair is anxious to meet Tyler. Along with a multitude of fans, high-powered government leaders, and medical personnel, this woman wishes to provide her stimulating feedback regarding the show.

FYI – Check out “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” HERE.

And… we hope you enjoy the debauchery of City-State!  There’s more to come.



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