Prescription for Ratings: The Committee

A huge thank you to this wonderful lady! Please enjoy!

The Ameri Brit Mom

About six months ago I was asked by a fellow blogger to read and review a short story installment to their anthology based on futuristic society of City-State. The first story was entitled Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants. On January 9th the authors released another segment in this series entitled Prescription for Ratings: The Committee. Below is my review and a link to the Amazon page where you can purchase the story for $.99.

51hdaiuui5L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Prescription for Ratings: The Committee

By: Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills and James Courtney

In this second installment to the Prescription for Ratings anthology, the characters of a publicly televised fight-to-the-death reality show begin to reveal the values of this society. Tyler is the youngest member of the committee behind the calling of the shots. New to his career in the medical field and with his own ethics still intact, Tyler struggles to make some tough decisions…

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7 thoughts on “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee

      1. Can I ask a question that probably sounds daft, but I’ve not read any of your stories yet, even though I’m feeling eager to now, and I’ve only recently been taking a proper look around your site…which order do they go in and are they connected (like one following from the other) or is each story a stand alone story?

        I hope you won’t be upset by my asking but I’d love to read and also review your stories. I post on amazon Uk as well as amazon US, goodreads and my blog and I’d love to add your stories to my blog :). I haven’t got any dystopian scifi stories there yet, though I love reading them! 🙂

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      2. This is a great question! Right now, James and I have only formally released short stories. You can read the short stories in no particular order – except for “Prescription for Ratings” – “The Contestants” is considered Part One, and “The Committee” is considered Part Two.

        When reading the short pieces, including the anthology, you are simply getting a taste of the nation of City-State, how the government works, the people who live there, and the overall scene and atmosphere.

        James and I are also working on the first novel, StarChild. You can read it chapter by chapter on the blog as we put it up (it is under the tab “Read the New Novel – StarChild).

        James and I are getting the feel of self-publishing, and we are somewhat practicing our writing process with the short stories.

        Please enjoy!

        Did I answer your question?

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      3. Yes, thank you. I’m up to date now :). Good luck with the self publishing. I know a lot of authors going down that route and although it’s hard work the reward is worth it!:) And if you ever want an early review I’d be more than happy to help :).


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