City-State Stays Warm and Cozy at Winter Fest

IMG_3764        IMG_3801

City-State ventured into the cold, blistery winter weather on Saturday.  I arrived at MacDaddy’s Winter Fest in Cape Carteret, North Carolina.

I was joined by two additional authors: Dave Atwell and Chrissy Lessey.  Dave is the author of Rotting Frontier, and Chrissy is the author of The Coven.  Both Dave and Chrissy have additional books to accompany Rotting Frontier and The Coven.  Visit the linked book titles to view these novels.

Indie authors unite!  We had time for a quick selfie!

IMG_3777        IMG_3759

And again, thank you to MacDaddy’s for hosting a wonderful event!  Off to the next adventure!

16 thoughts on “City-State Stays Warm and Cozy at Winter Fest

  1. Congrats!
    I saw the pix on Instagram but was in a rush so didn’t have a chance to comment *sigh*
    Let me know if/when you make it to Ontario, Canada, Toronto/London area. Please? Yeah, I know that’s probably a long way off.

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      1. That’s great. We don’t pay our teachers anything close to what they deserve. It’s not always about selling. Networking leads to sales. That teacher may tell five friends that you gave away a book and they might become paying customers.

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  2. So, and please forgive the daft question, but is this like an event for indie authors to show off their stuff? Can anyone attend? I live in the uk and not heard of this before. Looks like a lot of fun, congratulations :)!

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    1. Hello! You have a great question! This particular event was a local indoor festival. There were a variety of vendors from the community. The venue is a bowling alley and a game room, so Winter Fest was a good place to take the kids while it was cold outside. The vendors were mostly for adults – mugs and wine glasses, handbags, clothes, lotions and soaps, massage therapist, etc. It was a fun time!

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      1. Oh, yes, like out town fair, we have them particularly at Christmas time :). Great that you could get news of your writing out there! I’ve put your stories on my own to-read list, just got a to-read list that’s grown in the last few weeks since my blog’s launched 🙂 I can’t believe so many people are interested in my reviews of their books!. I hope to both read them and review your stories and I wonder would you like me to let you know if/when I do? From what writing I’ve already read available on your blog I think I’d really love the short stories.

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