City-State: 101

The Committee Sketch3

We already live in City-State.

City-State is basically Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New Wold” on meth.

Think about it. People don’t need to ban books. We don’t read. We get spoon-fed reality TV and viral videos. No one needs to cover up the truth. We all basically ignore it anyway. When someone says something controversial, we aren’t interested in changing anything or making anything better. All we focus on is how it made us feel. “Am I offended? Should I be offended. I am offended! How offended should I be? Let me tweet that.” We only focus on our personal outrage. And most of the time that outrage is pre-manufacture for us.

And then… we forget about what we were just up in arms about because some Quarterback didn’t stand for the national anthem. People were burning his jersey and calling for boycotts… until Trump said something about bombs or Muslims. Then we were all up in arms… until a bomb went off in New York… But it’s football Sunday now. Back to the really important stuff…

That is City-State 101, folks. We are immersed with information and yet somehow are encouraged to only focus on our subjective feelings about any situation. It’s a perfect storm of information-overload and self-righteous narcissism.

And whoever “they” are – you may rest assure that “they” are quite happy to let us continue in this manner.

Frankly, I don’t have time to tip-toe through the tulips when it comes to other people’s feelings. I just stopped caring about which words are okay to say and which ones aren’t. Because basically, people will get more upset over the use of a politically correct word like “midget,” or “tranny,” or “Indian,” than they will over an actual horrible situation.

City-State is here. Everyone is an activist, and nobody takes action. And if you’re watching reality programming (which is all scripted and fake) then you’ll be too busy to notice when “they” take everything from you.

#Nocturnity #JoinTheIllegals #CityStateIsHere #TheyAreOutToGetYou

3 thoughts on “City-State: 101

  1. I’ve felt annoyed by this too, but it’s easier to feel in control and upset over something that you maybe can possibly influence a little, so that is why so many people act this way, I think. But to actually wake up to what is going on around you and feel impotent to stop it? That’s horrifying for many. And there have been times in recent years that I’ve almost (but not quite) wished I could go back to being unaware of the greater patterns that are going on around me. Life would be much simpler.

    I re-read Orwell’s 1984 in 2010 and just started underlining so many pages and folding down page corners, which I never do to my books. But so many direct parallels exist to our world today, I felt compelled to.

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