But He’s MINE, and He’s HOT!

We are in the midst of a heated argument – James and myself, the co-writers, are at odds.

This is my perception of City-State’s ultimate villain, Supreme Judge Kaisin Harkin:


To me, a female reader and writer, Harkin exudes power with remarkable good looks and exceptional charisma.  As a co-writer, I have spent many hours intricately describing Harkin’s savvy appearance and bold fashion choices.  He is “mine” – and he is hot.

On the other hand, this is how James, my writing partner, envisions Harkin:


Really?  What the hell, James?  This guy?

Villains and antagonists drive the plot and give life to a story and its conflict.  Harkin makes City-State incredibly horrible, so he needs to look gorgeous while he destroys lives, right?

And this argument between James and myself continues.  It may have something to do with male versus female perspective.

What do you think?

Harkin will survive… in his long, black trench coat, his red shimmery tie, and his shoulder length dark hair pulled back into a loose ponytail.

Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “But He’s MINE, and He’s HOT!

  1. A man should be well dressed, in my opinion. Especially if he is a charismatic, suave villain. A protagonist might get away with small measures of mediocrity and poor fashion sense, but not the villain. I prefer your alternative over James’. Personally, I would be having a hard time taking a villain seriously if he were wearing, say, cargo shorts and a T.


  2. One couldn’t even have a grudging respect for a man with a pony tail. A man who sports such a thing IS a Pony-tail himself; one would live to get a rise out of him by sharply yanking it, and would derive considerable amusement when he yelps. As for dress,if he’s Communist, perhaps a badly tailored suit and a haircut like the late Nikolai Ceausescu, and if he’s a capitalist crypto-fascist, then he should dress like Franco or a certain candidate for the White House (shabby navy suit, power red tie, small lapdog road-kill on-his head). If none of these, then perhaps a shiny, expensive suit, orangy permatan, white teeth and a TV evangelist fake charisma. Just some thoughts, not that they count…


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