Living in a Dystopia yet?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, yes you are. Here is a perfect example:

Buzzfeed found that two “news” sites – one very liberal and one very conservative – were actually owned by the same company. Both sides reported on the same stories, used the same sources, and the same level of outrage over a certain event. Lets just call it event x.

Turned out that they don’t sell news or information. They are selling outrage. Whipping people up into a frenzy by using the CONFIRMATION BIAS of the respective IDEOLOGIES to SPIN news stories. Apparently these sites are very popular, garnering millions of followers on facebook.

Why wouldn’t they be popular? All they do is tell you what you already believe. They give you that feeling that someone is there for you – on your side. But they’re not. Because they are telling the opposing side the same shit they want to hear and whipping them up into the same frenzy you are. So, no. They are not on your side. But I bet they love all the advertising revenue.

Check out the link and see for yourself.

This is a dystopian society…

6 thoughts on “Living in a Dystopia yet?

  1. Quick, everyone use an ad blocker and ruin their strategy!

    This makes me think of a three-way chess game with two sides where the third party gets all the pieces knocked out.


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