US Propaganda efforts making progress, still ineffective

Update from City-State:
Americans are still too well informed about the goings on of their government. Their citizens doth protest too much. Here at the ministry of entertainment, we plan proper distractions for our citizens. Anything we can do to keep them from understanding the actual goals of government policy. A policy that basically lets people believe they are free, when in fact they are slaves. But that’s classified. So I won’t tell you that.
Anyway, the current American system of fake news is old school. We in City-State found that fake news gets the populace up in arms and outraged. We don’t want that. In City-State, we have all kinds of entertainment options. There are sports, gambling, reality shows about all kinds of things- from the sex industry to family members murdering each other for money. It really is wonderful. We understand you have reality TV too, but you need more. More of it will help. 
We have a state controlled news outlet that gives the citizens the appearance of news, but really it’s just propaganda. Your news outlets are okay, but they still give biased, opinions about the government with a left/right slant to it. You need to stop that and just let the government take over the news.
Overall, I’d say you’re headed down the right path, but you are far from Ultros’s vision. Your citizens aren’t completely oblivious, yet. So keep up the good work and maybe one day, your voters will be as moronic and inept as ours.
Farrion Delwalt – Entertainment Minister

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