Early Detection – From our Anthology

“Mom, I’m sending the invites.  I am so excited!” exclaimed Rita. “Great, honey.  The invitations are so cute!”  Rita’s mother, Clara, responded.  She smiled at her glowing daughter.  Clara continued, “Are you finished with the early detection appointments, dear?” Rita grinned, “I have one more appointment with Dr. Jorgensen, but I – and the baby – … More Early Detection – From our Anthology

Prescription for Ratings – blood, blood, and more blood

Originally posted on Glenn Hates Books:
? 4 of 5 Bloody-Fucked Stars – Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants by Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills. This is a very interesting story. It’s filled with plenty of blood and guts and gore. And there’s even a reason for all the horror. It’s pure unadulterated bloody entertainment. It’s a reality show on crack.…

“Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” is LIVE! Get your copy today!

IT’S RELEASE DAY!  James and I proudly present our new City-State short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.  Grab your copy HERE via Amazon for $.99! It is also available for review and critique on GoodReads. In this piece (around 7,200 words), readers will experience the entertainment sector of City-State.  With government controlled television shows, … More “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” is LIVE! Get your copy today!

Killer Cover Art

Hello!  Here is a sneak peek of the cover art for City-State’s new short piece, “Prescription for Ratings”.  What do you think? The drafting process is going well.  The beta readers are providing great feedback, James and I are rewriting segments of this short story, and the cover art is, well, killer. Stay tuned!  “Prescription … More Killer Cover Art

A Little Taste of “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”

James and I are in the deep and dirty editing stages of our new City-State short, “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”, and we wanted to share a little of our notes and a little piece of this new… reality: Tyler Wright, a young emergency ward doctor, has just been appointed to City-State’s Health and Ethical Entertainment … More A Little Taste of “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”

That Feeling… That Print Feeling!

I just received the print copies of our anthology, The Dystopian Nation of City State.  And yes, even though this first publication isn’t perfect, it’s here.  It’s real. One of my author friends asked, “Feels better than digital, right?” I thought about his question and answered, “Why yes, it does.  I feel even more accomplished.” … More That Feeling… That Print Feeling!