Read the New Novel – StarChild

James and I will be featuring our first novel, StarChild, on this blog.  We’re going to do something a little different: it will be released chapter by chapter.  StarChild will be organized into three parts.  Don’t worry, James and I will keep you updated on each chapter’s release.

And yes, this novel is free to read and enjoy!  Please provide feedback if you wish.  James and I love to hear your opinions and feedback.

Here is a brief synopsis of StarChild:

S-Class doctor Jeremy Green is beginning a new chapter in his life.  After graduating medical school, he embarks on his new career – an Early Detection Geneticist in City-State’s crucial eugenics program, StarChild.  The program’s goal is to create a perfectly healthy society by eliminating high-risk embryos before they are even born.  Parents and other family member do not a have choice in whether or not the child will survive.  A healthy child will be born and an unhealthy one will not, regardless of the parents’ wishes or economic situation.  The government has total control.

Jeremy meets the mysterious Alaya Martinez, another doctor who works in Early Detection, but she has a secret, and Jeremy desperately wants to know what it is.  Will he have the courage to face Alaya (and City-State’s powerful government leaders)?

Furthermore, Jeremy is baffled about mysterious events that keep happening around him and his sister, Charis.  As they work to put the puzzle pieces together, they learn the terrible truth behind StarChild, the Government, the Illegals, and the dashing, but dangerous Supreme Judge Harkin.

Stay tuned for more on StarChild.

4 thoughts on “Read the New Novel – StarChild

    1. Ooooooo! You will have to wait and see! This is a piece from our first novel, StarChild (the first in the StarChild trilogy).

      If you liked this, James and I have released an anthology – The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology. Search this title on Amazon. It’s pretty cheap! LOL!

      This anthology is a precursor to StarChild. There is a story about Harkin in the anthology – a little on Harkin’s background. 🙂

      Again, thanks for reading. James and I appreciate your time. 🙂


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