StarChild and WordItOut

Chapter One: The S-Classer of the novel, StarChild, has been converted into a beautiful word cloud via As Jeremy endures the aircab driver’s crazy maneuvers through the skies of Layer Seven, he envisions his new career as a wonderful, thrilling life changing event. And yes, Jeremy’s life will change.  

“The Committee” Is Available for Pre-Order!

It’s ready!  Pre-order “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee” HERE. What happens to Dr. Tyler Wright after the dramatic conclusion of the hit reality show, “The Blade’s Edge”? What does the woman with the long, straight jet black hair say to Tyler? This short narrative is .99 cents, and it will be released on January 9th. … More “The Committee” Is Available for Pre-Order!

Reviewers Needed for New Short Story!

Hello!  Happy holidays! James and I are looking for reviewers for our new short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”.  This is the second short story in a series of two.  Part I is entitled “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”. This short story (“The Committee”) is around 8,800 words, and it showcases the “death committee” … More Reviewers Needed for New Short Story!

“The Committee” Is Back in Session

        James and I have discovered a new artist for City-State, and his name is AJ Goodman.  Please welcome the wonderful and talented AJ!  These are his preliminary sketches for our upcoming short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”.  Awesome, right? AJ is creating the cover art for this impending short story, “The Committee”, … More “The Committee” Is Back in Session

Calling All Artists! City-State Is Looking for a New Creative Mind!

Hello!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day! James and I recently parted ways with our cover artist.  There were no hard feelings, nor were there any conflicts.  Our previous artist is in high school, and she had to leave City-State to prepare for her college adventures.  Good luck to you, Jamie!  🙂 … More Calling All Artists! City-State Is Looking for a New Creative Mind!

It’s All Coming Together…

Hello!  I will be off and running at two major public outings in October, and I am steadily getting City-State’s act together. I am organizing my “book table”, and I am almost ready to unveil City-State to eastern North Carolina! It’s all happening… stay tuned! #citystate

Character Spotlight – Ishmael the Wanderer

Who is Ishmael? So, I’ve been asked this on occasion. “Who is this Ishmael?  Was he some super-smart guy?  Was he some inventor or a charismatic leader?” Yes. Here’s the quick and dirty on Ishmael: Ishmael was the only son of a somewhat delusional vagabond, and self-identifying “prophet” who called himself Semaj.  Semaj spent his … More Character Spotlight – Ishmael the Wanderer