Adventures in Co-Writing – Adventures in City-State

The Dystopian Nation of City-State has two authors.  City-State requires two authors with its sophisticated layer system, its corrupt government, its restricted societal class system, its nihilistic cult, and its magical floating city. And what’s trending in City-State? It’s the hashtag, #helpmejames. A little background: James and I attended high school together in Melbourne, Florida, … More Adventures in Co-Writing – Adventures in City-State

Adventures in City-State: Co-Writing with James Courtney and Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills

Originally posted on Scribbles@Arpita:
This week on Saturday Specials, I have a special guest, Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills, who co-writes Dystopian Nation of City-State (an anthology of short stories related to the futuristic dystopian, post-American nation of City-State) with James Courtney. When I asked her to narrate their experiences of co-writing for a guest post, here is what she…

Self-Publishing Reflections: The PRINT Version

It’s HERE!  It’s LIVE!  James and I finally announce the release of The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology in PRINT!  The paperback version is available via Amazon for $9.99: And, as always, James and I want to share our pitfalls and peaks while storming through the rough seas of self-publishing.  Moreover, James would … More Self-Publishing Reflections: The PRINT Version