Chapter nine excerpt. Freaky thought.

“It was customary for girls in their 16th year to register their reproductive system with the government. The girls filled out a form, gave biometric data, DNA samples, and they had a simple examination. This made early detection appointments streamlined in the future. Also, the government could database who was in their child-bearing years and allocate birth requisitions based on income, job, intelligence class, and other data.”


This is completely normal in CityState. How long before we deal with this kind of stuff in the USA?

2 thoughts on “Chapter nine excerpt. Freaky thought.

  1. This assumes the dystopian state is not only preoccupied with breeding and eugenics but also traditional sex roles, otherwise they’d be looking at 16 year old males’ reproductive status and traits…but I guess that’s realistic!


    1. True enough! Wow… I’d love to see a dystopian setting where the men were repressed. Maybe they are locked in warehouses and “milked…” ahem…


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