“The Committee” Is Back in Session

        James and I have discovered a new artist for City-State, and his name is AJ Goodman.  Please welcome the wonderful and talented AJ!  These are his preliminary sketches for our upcoming short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”.  Awesome, right? AJ is creating the cover art for this impending short story, “The Committee”, … More “The Committee” Is Back in Session

Pray for Humanity

It is my firm belief that when a person adopts an ideology, they are making a deal with the Devil. Ideology demands that you reject reason – that you eliminate rationality – and don a worldview that is based on the fallible logic of mad hermits. Ideology forces your once expansive access to reality into … More Pray for Humanity

StarChild – Part I – Chapter One: The S-Classer

James and I proudly present our chapter by chapter release of our novel, StarChild. Chapter One – The S-Classer is available to read for free – click HERE. Go to the main page and place your cursor over the title “Read the New Novel – StarChild”.  All the chapters will be listed here. Don’t forget … More StarChild – Part I – Chapter One: The S-Classer