Killer Cover Art

concept 2

Hello!  Here is a sneak peek of the cover art for City-State’s new short piece, “Prescription for Ratings”.  What do you think?

The drafting process is going well.  The beta readers are providing great feedback, James and I are rewriting segments of this short story, and the cover art is, well, killer.

Stay tuned!  “Prescription for Ratings” is on its way…

Thank you! We LOVE our Beta Readers!


Beta reading for our new short story, “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”, is LIVE!

James and I want to thank all of the beta readers for this project.  We really appreciate the time taken out of your busy schedules to give City-State some love.

We take beta reading very seriously, and effective feedback – positive and negative – will continue to strengthen our writings.

A little advice to fellow writers: allow strangers to read your rough writings.  These critics will give you honest feedback.  Don’t be afraid – beta readers will provide terrific ideas and criticism that will enhance the final piece.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!  James and I await your wonderful suggestions!

It’s not too late!  If you would like to participate, let me know!

Attention! Beta Readers Needed for New Short Story, “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”

Beta Testing

Hello!  James and I are planning to release another individual short story in April entitled “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”.  This is the second of many stand alone shorts from the Dystopian Nation of City-State.  This piece is around 7,200 words.  These shorts are loosely connected with our current publication, The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology.

To properly plan for the upcoming release, we would love for a handful of readers to read this short piece and provide feedback regarding plot/storyline, coherence, flow, character development, reader intrigue, and any other elements that stand out.

“Television’s Prescription for Ratings” is a piece that centers around the unpredictable, somewhat senseless world of reality television.  In City-State, entertainment is controlled by the government.  Here, Dr. Tyler Wright is appointed to the so-called “death committee” immediately after medical school.  He is pressured to follow the rules and the procedures of the committee, his superiors, and the show’s deadly scripts.  

This reality show, “The Blade’s Edge: Family Edition”, features contestants who are deemed “too expensive to save” per City-State’s StarChild Act.  The contestants are slated to die anyway, so the government – this committee in particular – give them a chance to entertain the nation.  Hey, this is a dystopian universe – a terrifying view on what the future could hold.

If you would like to participate, please comment below with your email address or message me on Twitter or Facebook.  I will contact you later this month with all of the details.

You will receive the story free of charge, and James and I will provide you with ample time to read and provide comments.  James and I take beta reading very seriously.  We love to hear honest feedback about our works.  This only helps City-State grow!

When the formal release date approaches (we are still locking in a release date), and this story is complete, James and I will extend another invitation for reviews to be posted on Amazon and Goodreads (and blog posts).

Thanks!  Please let us know if you like to participate.

A Little Taste of “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”


James and I are in the deep and dirty editing stages of our new City-State short, “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”, and we wanted to share a little of our notes and a little piece of this new… reality:

Tyler Wright, a young emergency ward doctor, has just been appointed to City-State’s Health and Ethical Entertainment committee – “the death committee” as it is known among the nation’s medical and political residents.  Dr. Bevin, an esteemed member of this committee, explains the nature of City-State’s violent and deadly reality television shows:

“…we have to give the audiences what they want – and need.  Entertainment is the key in City-State.  People live well here.  With that said, they need constant entertainment – truly compelling media – in order to keep their minds occupied.  A bored populace is dangerous for everyone.”

And the show must go on… stay tuned.  Beta readers are wanted soon.

Shitty First Drafts – Shitty First Titles


The shitty first draft – the foundation of the story.  The bare bones.  There is something beautiful within those ten poorly written, jumbled, barely legible pages.

I have mastered the shitty first draft.  Now, it’s the title – this one drove me insane.

James and I have bickered endlessly over a title for our new short story (as shown in the picture above).  Generating this title has been exhausting and frustrating, but I think we have come to a decision:

“Television’s Prescription for Ratings”

Ah!  There it is.  Constructing this title was more difficult than writing the actual short story.

Stay tuned – Dr. Tyler Wright and his “death committee” are coming soon…

That Feeling… That Print Feeling!


I just received the print copies of our anthology, The Dystopian Nation of City State.  And yes, even though this first publication isn’t perfect, it’s here.  It’s real.

One of my author friends asked, “Feels better than digital, right?”

I thought about his question and answered, “Why yes, it does.  I feel even more accomplished.”

Keep writing.  Don’t give up.  The process will get easier.

The first step is always the most difficult.  Take that step, and in City-State, aim for Olympus – the floating city in the sky.

“How to Kill Your Senator” Will Be FREE Next Week!

jinn cover complete

Mark your calendars!  Add this to your Amazon wish list!  Charge your Kindle!  Download the Kindle app!  James and I have your perfect Valentines Day treat – get ready to download this short story (about 3,000 words) for free… Free!  Free!

“How to Kill Your Senator” will be FREE starting Monday, February 9th and ending Friday, February 13th.

Read the reviews, and discover this little sic-fi gem:

James and I also have our other work, The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology available on Amazon in print and electronic format:

Have a wonderful day!  :)