Killer Cover Art – Phase Two

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.45.16 PM

The cover art for our next short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” is coming along well.  It’s almost finished!  City-State artist, Jamie Green, is phenomenal!

What do you think?

The actual story is progressing nicely.  It is in its last stages of the drafting/editing process.  Thank you to our beta readers – wonderful comments and suggestions!

Remember the first phase of the killer cover art?  Here it is:

concept 2

Stay tuned…

City-State Is Off and “Conning”

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And… here we go!  The Dystopian Nation of City-State will be at The Crystal Coast Con in October of this year.  This is very exciting for James and myself.  We will have the opportunity to share our works to a larger crowd – I cannot wait to meet everyone and their smiling faces!

I had a wonderful time last year, and I told myself that I would not just attend the event in 2015, I told myself that I would be a part of it.  Another goal met!

Check out their website:

Check out their Facebook page:

The Crystal Coast Con is located in Cape Carteret, North Carolina (the east coast of NC – right by the beach).  There are some great guests this year – Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Walter Koenig (Chekov from Star Trek).  Mark your calendars!

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City-State Hits the Shelf!


Another goal met!  The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology is shelved at my local library in New Bern, North Carolina.  It feels good – that print feeling feels wonderful!

The Dystopian Nation of City-State: An Anthology and “How to Kill Your Senator” are available via Amazon.

Update: Our newest short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants” is currently out on its second beta read.  James and I are awaiting the cover art, we will conduct a few final edits, and it will hit Amazon for $.99 sometime next month.

I love the art of self-publishing.  It’s thrilling, enjoyable, and now, it’s on the shelf.


YAY! More Editing! More Drafting!


Sometimes drafting sucks.  Sometimes drafting is helpful.  Sometimes drafting is beautiful.

YAY! for drafting.  And one more YAY! for all indie artists sharing their talents – indies make the world a better place.

James and I are still looking for beta readers for our next short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.  Please let me know if you are interested – YAY!

The editing process continues… this new piece will be ready soon.  And by the way, this is my office file cabinet.

Beta Readers Needed! It’s Time for Round Two!


Beta read round #1 for “Television’s Prescription for Ratings” went extremely well!  The main deficiency of this piece was a lack of character development.  As James and I previously stated, feedback and criticism is very important, and we respect our readers’ suggestions.  So…

James and I are rewriting and reediting the piece, we are splitting it into two separate short stories, and for this first installment, we are expanding the characters of Chelle and Faye, two contestants from City-State’s vile reality show, “The Blade’s Edge: Family Edition”.

The title also changed.  This first piece will be titled “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.  In this government-controlled, fight-to-the-death reality show, Chelle and Faye’s backstories are illustrated as simple flashbacks in the midst of the deadly arena: The Blade’s Penthouse on Layer Seven in City-State.

The second piece will be entitled “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”, and it will focus on Dr. Tyler Wright, a young member of this “death committee”.

If you would like to participate as a beta reader, please let me know!  Comment with your name and email address.  If you do not wish to leave your email here, contact me privately via Facebook or Twitter.

This story will be about 5,000 words, it will be ready in about two weeks, and as a beta reader, this piece will be free of charge.

Thanks!  We would love for you to participate!  :)

Killer Cover Art

concept 2

Hello!  Here is a sneak peek of the cover art for City-State’s new short piece, “Prescription for Ratings”.  What do you think?

The drafting process is going well.  The beta readers are providing great feedback, James and I are rewriting segments of this short story, and the cover art is, well, killer.

Stay tuned!  “Prescription for Ratings” is on its way…

Thank you! We LOVE our Beta Readers!


Beta reading for our new short story, “Television’s Prescription for Ratings”, is LIVE!

James and I want to thank all of the beta readers for this project.  We really appreciate the time taken out of your busy schedules to give City-State some love.

We take beta reading very seriously, and effective feedback – positive and negative – will continue to strengthen our writings.

A little advice to fellow writers: allow strangers to read your rough writings.  These critics will give you honest feedback.  Don’t be afraid – beta readers will provide terrific ideas and criticism that will enhance the final piece.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!  James and I await your wonderful suggestions!

It’s not too late!  If you would like to participate, let me know!