Early Detection – From our Anthology

“Mom, I’m sending the invites.  I am so excited!” exclaimed Rita. “Great, honey.  The invitations are so cute!”  Rita’s mother, Clara, responded.  She smiled at her glowing daughter.  Clara continued, “Are you finished with the early detection appointments, dear?” Rita grinned, “I have one more appointment with Dr. Jorgensen, but I – and the baby –… More Early Detection – From our Anthology

Calling All Artists! City-State Is Looking for a New Creative Mind!

Hello!  I hope you all are having a wonderful day! James and I recently parted ways with our cover artist.  There were no hard feelings, nor were there any conflicts.  Our previous artist is in high school, and she had to leave City-State to prepare for her college adventures.  Good luck to you, Jamie!  :)… More Calling All Artists! City-State Is Looking for a New Creative Mind!

The Layer Seven Store

Kaisy and I really appreciate your support in all we do. If you’d like to see more of this crazy world we’ve created, pick up a copy of our anthology and our Kindle pieces. You won’t be disappointed, and City-State adventures are very affordable! Thanks, James and Kaisy The Dystopian nation of City-State: An Anthology… More The Layer Seven Store

Follow Your “Dreams” – A Writer’s Dilemma

James and I are working on our latest short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Committee”, and I am stumped. There are dream sequences in the first short story, “Prescription for Ratings: The Contestants”.  “Committee” is the sequel to “Contestants”.  James and I decided to connect the two pieces in another way – adding a dream… More Follow Your “Dreams” – A Writer’s Dilemma

It’s All Coming Together…

Hello!  I will be off and running at two major public outings in October, and I am steadily getting City-State’s act together. I am organizing my “book table”, and I am almost ready to unveil City-State to eastern North Carolina! It’s all happening… stay tuned! #citystate