National healing

Ever get the feeling that the idea of “national healing” is just an idea in our heads? We expect “them” to heal. Never us. The winners don’t need to heal do they? Nah. That’s just for losers. 

Then we flip the script. The once-losers become the winners. And even though the now-winners remember what it was like to be a loser; and be told to suck it up; and be told their ideas and feelings didn’t matter; and be told to sit outside locked doors while the once-winners rammed their beliefs down their throat… well the now-winners are going to do the same thing. Tit for tat, I guess.

Seems like this overly ideological system is designed to never heal. To never let anyone live as they wish. I won’t bore you with telling you that a republic is designed to protect the losers against the winners… oops. Nah. Screw that, let’s do it to them before they do it to us again.

When StarChild, our novel, finally comes out, you’ll see that City-State is also designed this way. Incessant fracturing down ideological lines. Specifically designed to offer no solutions whatsoever.

But reality shows. And death sports heal all wounds in City-state. The people don’t know they’re actually prisoners.

One thought on “National healing

  1. Well put. I will throw in the rather significant point that you are not only talking about the dysfunction of any political system but you are talking about the constitution which protects the rights of the individual by allowing the majority to rule without completely destroying the rights of the minority. A juggling act at best but if you put the system above yourself you can reach a decent compromise.
    To your point, most people don’t put the system above themselves and their agenda which Jefferson and the founding fathers would find incredibly awful. Which means that those that want to ram their desires down someone else’s throats are not American in its most fundamental sense. The Constituttion has become an inconvenience for many people, except when they use it selectively to defend their views on an issue.
    I think we are now at the point where we decide if the Cosnstiution is a precious commodity that we ignore at the risk of not being Americans at all or that we return to it’s uniquely moral message.
    I look forward to your future blogs.

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